Granulator - 600
Granulator - 600
ModelPCH - 600PCH - 600/5PR - 600PSTG - 600
Length of Blades 630mm 630mm 630mm 200mm-9, 630mm-2
No. of Blades45611
Throat Size 630 x 630mm630 x 630mm630 x 630mm630 x 630mm
Grinding Capacity 250 Kgs/Hr275 Kgs/Hr300 Kgs/Hr350 Kgs/Hr
Power Required 25HP (18.75 KW)25HP (18.75 KW)30HP (11.25 KW)30HP (11.25 KW)
Screen Area 4800 Sq.Cm4800 Sq.Cm4800 Sq.Cm4800 Sq.Cm
Floor Space (L&W) in mm 1750 x 13501750 x 13501750 x 13501750 x 1350
Suitable for grindingCrates, Big Drums, Can's, Refrigerator StandPipes upto ∅200mm Moulded Articles & PET bottlesFilms, Shoes, Tobacco LeavesSolid Wall Thick Articles, Lumps, Preforms

Note :

* Higher Models available on request. 
* Capacity depends on type of material, scrap size & shape.
* PSTG series - Number of blades & output will depend on application.
* All specifications are subject to change without notice for constant product development.
* Control Box, Side Chute, Sucking blower attachments, Silo, Conveyor, Dust collector attachments are optional.