Special Features :
  • Robust & strong in construction.
  • Unique design of Bearing Housing.
  • Efficient cooling for Stationary disc provide with water circulation pump.
  • Low residence time means lower thermal stress on the process material.
  • Low power consumption with high output, so economical & cost effective.
  • Long service life of the discs between re-sharpening and replacements.
  • Low maintainance with consistent output quality.
  • One Piece Grinding Disc made from Graded Alloy Steel.
  • Fast and easy replacement and adjustment of Fixed and Rotating Discs.
  • Limit switch is integrated with Mill door to prevent accidental re-start of the motor when the door is opened.
  • Easy to clean.

ModelPPU-100PPU -150PPU -200PPU -300
Disc Diameter300mm300mm400mm400mm
Main Motor Ac15Kw22.5Kw30Kw56.25Kw
Blower Motor1.5Kw2.25Kw3.75Kw9.375Kw
Air Lock Motor0.37Kw0.37Kw0.75Kw1.5Kw
Vibrating screen0.37Kw0.37Kw1.0Kw1.5Kw
Total Load17.60Kw27.75KW36Kw69.375Kw
Floor Space (Length)2200mm2200mm2400mm3375mm
Width1400mm1400mm1600mm 2025mm
Feed Size7-8mm7-8mm7-8mm7-8mm
Mesh Size18mesh18mesh18mesh18mesh

Note :

* Higher Models available on request.