Inline Sheet Trim Roll Feed Granulator
Inline Sheet Trim Roll Feed Granulator

"PIMCO" introduces the New Generation Inline Sheet Feeding system Granulator to cater the crying needs of the market. PIMCO continues to blaze new trails in the field of plastic Processing with deep commitment for constant development of quality products- and better services to plastic Industry, again a step ahead to give its Customer utmost satisfaction by fulfilling their demands.

The Sheet feeding Granulator is designed in a view to serve the waste produced during production and to be reused at the same time. The speed of the Feed Roll Unit is adjusted according to the Sheet Iine production and the wastage rate by means of variable frequency drive. Three rotating and two fix blades are used to give optimum results.

The Sheet is fed through the chute which passes through gripped Jaws to pull the sheet, and is uniformly fed to the Granulator chamber. These machines are available in various models, depending upon the sheet width & also custom built machines can be produced.

Special Features :
  • Compact and low sound level.
  • Low power consumption with high output.
  • Inline grinding prevents contamination & dust formation on scrap.
  • Fully hygienic processing of food grade sheets.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy & fast cleaning system.
  • Due to continuous uninterrupted operation saves Iabour.

ModelPSF - 200PSF - 300PSF - 500PSF - 600PSF - 700PSF - 900
Length of Blades 200mm 300mm550mm650mm750mm450 x 2 = 900mm
No. of Blades5 55556 + 4 = 10
Throat Size 200 x 200mm  300 x 300mm  550 x 300mm650 x 300mm 750 x 300mm 900 x 400mm
Feed Motor1HP1HP2HP2HP3HP5HP
Grinder Motor2HP3HP7.5HP10HP12.5HP20HP
Line Speed (Mtr./Min.) 6 ~ 408 ~ 4010 ~ 10010 ~ 10010 ~ 15010 ~ 150
Grinding Capacity 25 ~ 40 Kgs/Hr50 ~ 75 Kgs/Hr100 ~ 125 Kgs/Hr150 ~ 200 Kgs/Hr200 ~ 300 Kgs/Hr300 ~ 400 Kgs/Hr
Thickness of Material0.2 ~ 0.9mm0.2 ~ 1.1mm0.3 ~ 1.5mm0.3 ~ 1.5mm0.3 ~ 1.5mm0.3 ~ 1.5mm
Width of Material20 ~ 80mm x 2Trims20 ~ 120mm x 2Trims500mm width sheet max600mm width sheet max700mm width sheet max800mm width sheet max
Depends on Material, Sheet / Trim Thickness & feeding speed.
Note - All specification are subject to change without notice for constant product development.

Note :

* Higher Models available on request.