Circular Vibratory Screen
Circular Vibratory Screen

PIMCO Circular Vibratory Screen is elegant, productive, efficient, and compact production machine. It makes precise mechanical separation according to particle size through efficient use of multi direction vibration technique. This equipment works on the principles of systematic gyratory movements of the particles on the vibrating screen. This movement can be controlled to achieve efficient separation, depending on the characteristics of the material to be screened.

Vibratory Screens are one of the most versatile machines finding Application in Size Separation, Classification, Grading, ForeignMaterial Separation,Dedusting, Dewatering, Fiber Recovery, Filtration etc. The compact and efficient design and online operation makes this machine suitable as continuous process equipment and also batch type process equipment.

As a result of the above capabilities, these machines are finding wide application in Plastic, Rubber, Paper, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Mines and Minerals Processing, Food and Food Processing, Cement, Paint and many more industries.

ModelM/c  DIAPower Required
PVB 24, 28, 36 :24", 28", 36"0.5 HP
PVB 39 :39"1.0 HP
PVB 48 :48"1.5 HP
PVB 60, 72 :60", 72"2.0 HP

Note :

* Higher Models available on request.