Hopper Dryer
Hopper Dryer
Special Features :
  • Detachable two piece Stainless Steel hopper ensures easy flow & cleaning of material
  • Uniform heating of granules by Hot Air circulation through Blower ensures better Surface finish of moulded components
  • Adjustable air valve ensures fresh & recirculated air
  • Control panel with temperature controller & high quality heaters Ensures better drying
  • Saves on power for preheated materials and ensures flawless moulding with efficient drying
  • Compact & easy to install

Hopper dia. x ht.(mm)350 X 950430 X 1150550 X 1400700 X 1650
Charge volume (ltrs)50100200 400
Drying capacity* (kgs./hr)2550100200
Heater (KW)
Blower motor90W200W250W400W
T.C. Range0-2000-2000-2000-200

Note :

* Higher Models available on request.