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Inline Edge Granulator

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Plastic film recycling machines utilized to recover in-lineEdge trim or off-line rolls. The resultant densified chipProduced is easily recycled by blending it back in to theprocess Together with virgin material.

Technical Specifications

Model PRP - 150 PRP - 250
Max. Material Width (mm) 400 600
Max. Material Thickness (mm) 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5
Roller Speed (mtr /min) 0-150 0-250
Power (HP) 5HP(3.75KW) 7.5HP(5.6KW)
Rotary Blade (Pcs) ∅ 165 x 18T -1Pcs. ∅ 280 x 28T- 1Pcs
Stationary Blade (Pcs) 1 1
Capacity(kg/hr) 100-125 150-200
  • Higher Models available on request.
  • Capacity depends on type of material, scrap size & shape.

Special Features

  • Densified chips are immediately recycledwithout risk of contamination.
  • In-Line and Off-Line process
  • No colour degradation or secondary heat generation
  • Immediate re-use of edge trims withoutthe need of storage or handling
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • A. C. Drive Control Systems
  • Suitable for RPVC, PET, PS, HDPE, PP etc.

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